Tibicina quadrisignata :: European Cicadas

Tibicina quadrisignata (Hagen, 1855)

T. quadrisignata, calling song, Pyrenees, France - rec.: J. Sueur

T. quadrisignata, courtship song, Pyrenees, France - rec.: J. Sueur

T. quadrisignata, rivalry sounds, Pyrenees, France - rec.: J. Sueur

<em>T. quadrisignata</em>, male, France - photo J. Sueur
Typical habitat of <em>T. quadrisignata</em> in southern France - photo J. Sueur
<em>T. quadrisignata</em> - male. Valais (CH), photo T. Hertach.
<em>Tibicina quadrisignata</em>, portrait photo S. Puissant


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