Lyristes gemellus :: European Cicadas

Lyristes gemellus Boulard 1988

L.gemellus calling song - rec. M. Boulard

<em>L. gemellus</em> from the original description by Boulard 1988


Boulard M., 1988. Les Lyristes d' Asie mineure (Hom., Cicadidae). I. Sur deux formes éthospécifiques syntopiques et description de deux especes nouvelles. L'Entomologiste 44(3): 153-167.

Recorded in Europe:

Drosopoulos S., Eliopoulos E. and P. Tsakalou, 2006. Is migratyion responsible for the peculiar geographical distribution and speciation based on acoustic divergence of two cicadas in the Aegean Archipelago? In Drosopoulos, S. & Claridge, M.F. (eds). Insect sounds and communication: physiology, behaviour, ecology and evolution. CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton.

Gogala M., Trilar T., 2014. Distribution of endemic cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) on Evia and adjacent islands in Greece. Acta entomologica slovenica 22(1): 45-58. PDF

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