Cicadetta kissavi :: European Cicadas

Cicadetta kissavi Gogala, Drosopoulos, Trilar 2009

Cicadetta kissavi typical sequence of the calling song. Mt. Kissavos, Greece, rec. M.G.

Cicadetta kissavi, the same selection but frequency reduced to 50% for easy listening

<em>Cicadetta kissavi</em> male (above) and female - Mt. Kissavos, Greece
Typical locality for <em>C. kissavi</em> on Mt. Kissavos (Ossa)

Gogala M., Drosopoulos S., Trilar T., 2009. Two mountains, two species: new taxa of the Cicadetta montana species complex in Greece (Hemiptera: Cicadidae). Acta entomologica slovenica 17 (1): 13-28. PDF

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