Cicadetta olympica :: European Cicadas

Cicadetta olympica Gogala, Drosopolous, Trilar 2009

Calling song of C. olympica. Mt. Olymbos, Greece. Rec. M.G.

C. olympica, the same recording, but frequency reduced by 50% for easy hearing

<em>Cicadetta olympica</em>, holotypus from Mt. Olymbos, Greece
Typical locality for <em>C. olympica</em> near Stavros, Mt. Olymbos, Greece

Gogala M., Drosopoulos S., Trilar T., 2009. Two mountains, two species: new taxa of the Cicadetta montana species complex in Greece (Hemiptera: Cicadidae). Acta entomologica slovenica 17 (1): 13-28. PDF

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